About the Shul
Yakar's synagogue strives to be a twenty first century "shtiebel". By this we mean a place that is both intense and intimate; a place of spiritual quest where a person might hear in himself or herself an echo of the Divine. Yet, at the same time, a place which relates its inner search to the reality of the world around it. A spirituality not born at the expense of the mind; a learning characterized by questioning and by search, not by platitudinous piety.  

"There are those who sing the song of their own lives, and in themselves find full spiritual satisfaction.

There are others who sing the song of their people. They leave the circle of individual selfhood because they find it without sufficient breadth. They attach themselves with a gentle love to the whole community of Israel. Together with her they sing her songs. They feel grieved in her afflictions and delight in her hopes.

There are others who reach towards more distant realms, and go beyond the boundary of Israel to sing the song of humankind. Their spirit extends to the wider vistas of humanity. They aspire towards higher perfection. From this source of life they draw the subjects of meditation and study.

Then there are those who rise towards higher horizons, linking themselves with all existence, with all God's creatures, with all worlds. They sing their song with all of them. Tradition says that who sing a portion of song each day are assured a share in the world to come.

And then there are those who rise with all these songs in one ensemble. They are sounds of joy and gladness, sounds of jubilation and celebration, sounds of ecstasy and holiness. The song of the self, the song of the people, the song of humanity, the song of the world all merge in them at all times, in every hour."

Adapted from:Rav Avraham Yitzhak Kook 


If you want to become part of this community - influence it and be influenced by it - please make it your home.

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