About the Center

Yakar's Center for Social Concern has been in existence since September 1997, with the aim of making contact, creating trust and bridging divisions, through private meetings and public debates.
Founded by Benjamin Pogrund it is an unusual organisation - secular but on a Modern Orthodox base, and reaching out to a wide spectrum of people, religious and non-religious Jews, Muslims and Christians. 
By design, it remains of modest size because so much of its work is on a person-to-person basis.

The objective of the Center is to branch out to become a forum for events, lectures and workshops which seek to bring together people of diverse viewpoints to confront the crucial issues facing Israel and Jewish world today, with an emphasis on events in Hebrew that relate to the composition and structure of our society.
We wish to give Israeli authoritative information about currents events and minority groups within our society whilst at the same time encourage ourselves and the wider community to invest in action.

For more information or to get involved please contact R' Chananel Rosen at: chananelykr@gmail.com


Yakar: Center for Tradition & Creativity. 10 Halamed-Hey St. Tel: 972-2-561-2310 /1,info@yakar.org